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Training With A Purpose

All behavioral health training offered by Clarity Point can be customized to fit the needs of a group. Our current offerings include, but are not limited to the following topics:

Mental Health First Aid

Learning about Mental Health First Aid is not only for Teachers and First Responders; but anyone dedicated to building a stronger, healthier community. Getting people help, when and where it’s needed, saves lives just like physical first aid. Although, it is often more difficult to identify symptoms and sources of a Mental Health Emergency.

Clarity Point can help people recognize and respond to signs of mental illness and/or addiction; by offering training on Mental Health First Aid customized for responding to both youth and adult events.

Crisis Intervention Team Training

With the right training, individuals suffering from mental health issues can be directed towards the services they need and away from the criminal justice system.

That is why Clarity Point offers a 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team Training, or CIT. This is dedicated to improving community responses to mental health crises and learning how to support those effected by mental illness and/or addictions.

A Step Towards a Stronger Community

Below is a list of organizations that have benefited from the training offered by Clarity Point. These organizations have taken another step towards a better community:

  • Kennewick Police Department
  • Pasco Police Department
  • Pasco Fire Department
  • West Richland Police Department
  • ESD 123 Districts
  • Columbia Basin College Admin
  • Washington’s Alliance for Quality Recovery Residence
  • Tri-City SWAT Team
  • Richland Fire Department
  • Statewide CIT Trainings with Multiple Police Agencies

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