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Counseling and Training Services for Military and First Responders

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A Counselor That Gets "It"

Training and Counseling for First Responders in Tri-Cities WA

Being raised in a military family, Deanna Petrilli developed some perspective on how service can impact an individual. However, while working with law enforcement on patrol; this perspective grew to a much deeper understanding. At the end of the day, removing a uniform doesn’t remove the associated experiences and impacts.

As a co-responder for several years, she stood by the side of those handling extremely difficult situations. One of Clarity Point’s goals is to offer support to first responders that have placed duty and service above self. No one’s job is necessarily easy, but due to the extreme circumstances that can be encountered as a first responder, a unique kind of support is required.

Our mission is to help people navigate their own storms, find peace in a chaotic world, and develop a renewed sense purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Counseling for First Responders

These roles can impact all areas of one’s life. Clarity Point provides a space where no matter their needs, people can let their shields down. Whether it's trauma processing or support during life changes, our mission is to help.

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Trainings for First Responder

Clarity Point offers training for first responders on Mental Health and Wellness. This provides first responders with the knowledge and skills needed to de-escalate highly emotional individuals and/or crises situations.

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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Clarity Point has effective history working with police departments to provide support to Officers after a critical incident and provides training to help peer support teams.


Ethics and privacy is part of the moral compass in providing quality therapy. You can feel secure knowing Clarity Point MUST follow all standards of HIPPA. The "Brass" is not involved in your treatment.
Clarity Point’s office also has a separate exit for your privacy.

You Are Not Broken

There are days we would make jokes about being "broken" from the job. You Are Not Broken...sometimes we just need a little maintenance.

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